Guide To Vacationing In Maine. We put this guide of destinations in Maine and hope that it helps you plan your next Maine vacation. We would love to help be part of your next vacation in Maine and look forward to hearing all about your adventures.

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Vacationing in Maine has always been a tradition for many folks and there is a reason that people keep coming back. A place where natural beauty and time have not changed much in the past 100 years.

Top it off with breathtaking scenery, limitless outdoor adventures and some of the most beautiful coastline, and it makes sense why it is called ‘Vacationland’.

Quick Tip: Maine comprises 17 million acres (much of it un-inhabited), 6,000 lakes and ponds and over 3000 miles of coastline.

At Two Falls Camps, we are proud to be Mainer’s and share our beautiful state with you. We have put together a summary of destinations in Maine that you can explore during your stay at Two Falls Camps.

Explore Inland Maine

Two Falls Camps is in the heart of Inland Maine with thousands of acres of land to explore. Take a few steps out your cabin door and you are hiking in these secluded woods, with hidden ponds, lakes, waterfalls and miles of dirt roads to hike, mountain bike, photograph, birding or just take a walk down.

Sebec Lake is the location of our camps. A 12-mile-long lake with crystal clear waters and few other boaters, it is a pristine and peaceful destination. We offer boat rentals and suggestions for places to explore. Since we live on the lake (or technically, on the river inlet), we know a thing or two about the area. Fishing, swimming, boating, beaches and secluded picnic areas are just a few of the things to do on Sebec Lake.

Borestone Mountain is an excellent choice for a half day family trip. Only 23 minutes from Two Falls Camps. A 3-mile hike from parking to the summit (1,981 feet in elevation).

Onawa Trestle is the longest and highest trestle in Maine at (1,230 feet long), it makes for a must see and is only 20 minutes away from your camp. You can reach the trestle by foot, boat and ATV.

Mount Katahdin, named by the Penobscot Native Americans, means ‘The Greatest Mountain’. At a height of 5,267 feet, it is the largest peak in Maine. Located at the northern end of the Appalachian Trail, it provides hikers and campers with plenty of challenging day and overnight hikes. 3.5 hours from our camps, plan on an early start. The hike to the top will take you 8-12 hours at an elevation gain of 4,000 feet. Definitely an advanced hiking trail.

Baxter State Park is also the state park where Mt. Katahdin happens to be located, so plan on a 3.5-hour drive to experience the splendor of this park. Baxter offers over 215 miles of hiking trails on 209,000 acres of land. For those interested in camping, boating, photography and hunting. Baxter State Park can accommodate.

Moosehead Lake is the largest natural lake east of the Mississippi. Stretching over 40 miles in length, it provides a wealth of recreational activities. Located just 30 minutes north of our camps, it makes for a great day trip, with the possible moose sighting on your drive. You will pass through the town of Greenville, where you can rent boats or get a bite to eat.

Penobscot & Kennebec Rivers host some of the best whitewater rafting on the east coast (comparable to Gauley River in West Virginia). This 109-mile-long river pushes class 3-5 water for a real adrenaline pumping experience. Many rafting companies are located just 1.5 hours away, so a day trip, or half day are a great option for you and your family.

Quick Tip: The Penobscot water flow is controlled by a dam (only one on east coast), this guarantees a consistent whitewater experience.

Explore Coastal Maine

When you think of Maine, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind, is lobster. Maine has the best lobster in the world and you can enjoy this delicacy during your Maine Vacation. We are only 2.5 hours from historic Bar Harbor, a favorite of many folks wanting to explore the coastline of Maine.

Acadia National Park sees over 3 million visitors a year, and with good reason. It offers coastal beauty, beaches, hiking and biking trails, boating, birding, walking historic carriage roads (commissioned by Rockefeller) to name a few. Acadia is the oldest national park (east of Mississippi).

Quick Tip: We recommend stopping at the Jordan Pond House, a great tradition of pop-overs and tea, while enjoying the scenery of the mountains.

Bar Harbor is a familiar name to many folks across the nation. It holds a special place to many for its coast line, quaint New England town feel, and of course, proximity to Acadia National Park. An easy day trip from our camps (about 2.5 hours away), with plenty of outdoor activities to please your whole family.

Quick Tip: A whale sighting cruise is a great option and must see if you have never been.

BoothBay Harbor is a must see if you are interested in exploring old lighthouses and experiencing the charm of the Maine coast. Located 2.5 Hours from Two Falls Camps, it makes for a great choice if keeping it simple is your goal.

Quick Tip: Make sure to stop by one of the local lobster roll shacks and grab a bite to eat. We recommend a lobster roll and small steamed clam basket, very delicious.

Freeport is most famous for the home of L.L. Bean, now one of the largest outdoor equipment companies in the world. Even if you don’t shop in the store, it is still fun to get a family picture next to the giant statue of the famous L.L. Bean Boot. Located just over 2 hours from our camps, it is a fun place to stop on your way back from exploring the coast during your day trip. It hosts many other outlet stores and eateries, so will surely peak the interest of all the members of your family.

We hope this guide inspires you during your next stay at Two Falls Camps. Our goal is to provide helpful information about our great state of Maine and give you an idea of the limitless outdoor activities that you can do while vacationing at our camps. Or, just come and relax and enjoy a place where things have not changed much in the past 100 years. We look forward to your visit and calling you our friends.

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