License Fee
Maine Residents Fishing (16 and older)
Combination Fishing & Hunting
Combination Fishing & Archery
1-Day Fishing*
Serviceman (Resident**) Combination Fishing & Hunting
Serviceman Dependent (Resident) Combination Fishing & Hunting
Duplicate (obtained from agent who issued original)
License Fee
Non Residents & Aliens Nonresident Season Fishing (16 and older)
Nonresident Combination Fishing & Hunting
15-Day Fishing***
7-Day Fishing
3-Day Fishing
1-Day Fishing
Alien Season Fishing
Alien Combinatin Fishing & Hunting
Duplicate (obtained from agent who issued original)

Note: Fees listed do not include the agent fee.

* 1-Day fishing license may be exchanged by a Maine resident for a season fishing or combination fishing and hunting license upon payment of the different between that fee and the fee for the annual license, plus the agent fee.

** Maine residents permanently stationed outside the state of Maine.

*** Nonresident 15-day fishing license may be exchanged for a nonresident season fishing license upon payment of $17 plus the agent fee.

A nonresident 18 years of age or older and under 24 years of age enrolled full-time in a college in Maine, may be eligible for a resident license for fishing, hunting and trapping. This license must be obtained at the main office in Augusta.

Note: All residents and nonresidents who operate any motorized watercraft or aircraft equipped with pontoons on inland waters must display a Lake & River Protection Sticker in addition to a current boat registration sticker.