Our runway was extended, during the Summer of 2002, to equal a length of 3250 feet!

Airplane Landing Information

We have a unique arrangement that will interest all pilots. Our private gravel airstrip is only a short walk from all of our cabins. This gives our guests an opportunity to use the fly-in, fly-out possibilities, at their convenience. Pilots can share a seasonal rental and drop-in whenever they wish. We also accommodate seaplanes at our dock and amphibians at our concrete ramp.

Two Falls Airport – ME79

  • Runway Length: 3250′
  • Runway Headings: 13 + 31
  • Two Falls Unicom: 122.8
  • Elevation: 366′
  • Latitude: 45°18′
  • Longitude: 69°20′
  • Runways 13/31
  • Located 62 nautical miles from Augusta Omni on 038° radial, and 34 nautical miles from Bangor on 343° radial.

Cement ramp for amphibian aircraft and dock for seaplanes also available. Caution! Vehicles crossing in Middle of Runway.

(Landing at your own risk)

Fly-In – Fly-OutJust a step away from your cabin