Your Complete Maine Woods Vacation

Two Falls Camps are located along the banks of the Wilson River where it tumbles over Greely Falls, through the famous Earley Salmon Pool and into Sebec Lake. Surrounded by thousands of wilderness acres, we think we’ve got one of the prettiest spots in Maine, Whether you enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, water sports, or simply taking in all the natural splendor around you, Two Falls Camps is the place to spend your next vacation.

All our cabins are set up for housekeeping. Each is furnished with linens, dishes, silver, stove, refrigerator, automatic heat, comfortable beds, hot water and showers. Larger cabins have fireplaces and each has a picnic table and grill out front. Many of our guests consider Two Falls Camps their second home and spend the entire season with us. Enjoy the rustic nature of the Maine Woods with all the comforts of home surrounding you.